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We are not No.1, neither we strive for it, for us, it is just a number, We are a bunch of enthusiasts who are crazy about what we do and try our best to achieve perfection in that, “We are our only competitors” that is the slogan we live by, for us Human Values comes first and money in secondary. Technology and Innovation are the driving force that runs deep in all our team members, with vision and mission of INDIA FIRST and MAKE IN INDIA, we march forward.

My Han Lubes

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Use this promo code to get 5% discount on e90, f10, HL-1025


Use this promo code to get 5% discount on e90, f10, HL-1025
Complete Fuel System Cleaner
Advanced Engine Flush
Best Fuel Additive

How we build awesome products

First we identify, and understand a problem, then work on it to create a user-centric solution to the problem, keeping the economics in check, then comes the intensive R&D based on the feedback of our users and only after complete satisfaction of our users, we validate our products, as we always focus on Outcome, rather than Output, that is the reason our customers always say our products are AWESOME!

e90 - Complete Fuel System Cleaner

Advance Cleaning 80%
Pollution Reduction 85%
Mileage Gain 15%
Restore Power 50%
Smooth ride 65%

f10 - Engine Flush

Thorough Cleaning 90%
Safe and Compatible 100%
Necessary 100%
Restore Engine 75%
Elongate Life 50%


Advance Cleaning 80%
Pollution Control 85%
Mileage Gain 10%
Maintenance reduction 50%
Operation Hours Increased 10%

So, Why Han Lubes?

Because currently we are the only National Company that manufactures, quality additives at the most economical prices, to cater to population from every walk of life. We strive to show to the world what Indian Company can achieve and deliver.
Our product is blended and manufactured with premium quality material, sourced globally with reputed sources. And product has quality checks at every process to ensure our customer gets consistent quality always.
our product is introduced with people from all walks of life in mind, we always think of innovation AS DOING A LOT MORE FOR A LOT LESS MONEY, AND A LOT MORE PEOPLE.
you feel the performance of product at the flip of a switch, noise fades, and your engine revs to a new tune, that’s the power of han lubes product.


Why customers are simply loving the product?

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